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Q&A: Financial support for international students

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Does COVID-19 still impact your life? 

While Queensland begins its recovery from the pandemic, Study Queensland recognises many international students are still struggling to deal with unemployment, reduced work hours and general anxiety while separated from friends and family. 

Through the Queensland Student Hub, international students can still access financial support. Want to know more? See below. 


Q - Who is eligible for financial support through the Queensland Student Hub? 

A - If you are an international student who is currently living in Queensland on a current student visa and enrolled at university, TAFE Queensland or a CRICOS registered training facility / school, you may be eligible for financial support.  


Q - What financial support is available? 

AThe amount of financial support you may receive is based on your specific needs. For example, if reduced work hours are making it harder for you to pay rent or buy groceries, you may be eligible for a financial payment or shopping voucher.  

If your laptop needs repairing, the Queensland Student Hub can assist so you can still submit your assignments on time. Or, as autumn brings colder nights, you may want to purchase a new blanket.  

Assistance comes in many forms and will be discussed during your consultation. 


Q - I received support in 2020 through the Queensland International Student Crisis Assistance Package - can I still apply for this support? 

A - Yes. Once you have completed a consultation with a Student Support Officer at the Queensland Student Hub, your needs will be determined. 


Q - How long is financial support available for? 

A - This support is available until funds are exhausted. 


Q - How do I access financial support? 

A - You must organise a private consultation with a Student Support Officer at the Queensland Student Hub


Q - How do I demonstrate that I need assistance? 

A - The Student Support Officer will discuss your situation with you.